For resellers looking to sell products on the Ventrata platform
This documentation details Ventrata's implementation of the OCTO API Specification which is an open API standard initiative for the experiences industry. More information about the OCTO specification and who's part of it can be read here:
Ventrata implements the core OCTO specification but also provides 16 optional capabilities:
  • Content
  • Pricing
  • Custom Questions
  • Extras
  • Hotel Pickup
  • Price Adjustments
  • Multi-booking Cart
  • Promotions / Offers
  • Card Payments
  • Online Check-in
  • Webhooks
  • Self-service Mapping
  • Redemption
  • Resources
  • Packages
  • Gift Vouchers

Glossary of Terms

OCTo defines core terms that are re-used throughout the specification. A full description of those terms can be found on OCTo Spec Website but we have included a table below to get started.
You are the reseller, connecting via the API
The supplier on Ventrata which you are connecting to
The attraction, activity or tour
A variant of the product, all products must have at least one option
The ticket type, e.g. Adult, Child, Senior etc.
A booking made for a specific product and option and one or more unit items
Unit Item
A line item per unit within the booking
A single barcode that can be used for the whole booking
A barcode that can be used per unit item
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