Reserving availability an making a booking
The steps to making a booking are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Check Availability Check the availability in the previous section and retrieve an availability ID. **
  2. 2.
    Booking Reservation Create a booking that reserves the availability while you collect payment and contact information from the customer.
  3. 3.
    Booking Confirmation The final step, once payment has been taken and you want to finalise the booking.
Booking Reservation
The request above was made with the following request body:
"productId": "1a7213eb-3a33-4cbb-b114-64d771c201ac",
"optionId": "DEFAULT",
"availabilityId": "2020-07-01T14:30:00-05:00",
"notes": "Optional notes for the booking",
"unitItems": [
{ "unitId": "unit_123abcadult" },
{ "unitId": "unit_123abcadult" },
{ "unitId": "unit_321abcchild" }
The UUID on the request body and on each unit is optional but recommended if you're requesting from a source of poor network connectivity. If the connection fails or you do not receive a response, you can repeat the same request with the same UUID and it will respond with the same booking object without duplicating the booking.
The booking object is described as:
A unique UUID used to identify booking. Make sure you save this value as you will need it to perform any future actions against this booking.
Whether this booking is in test mode.
Your reference (as the reseller). You set this value in the second confirmation request.
The ventrata reference for this booking. Use this to help the supplier find this booking.
The status of the booking, possible values are:
ON_HOLD The booking is pending confirmation, this is the default value when you first create the booking.
EXPIRED If the booking is not confirmed before the expiration hold expires, it goes into an expired state. CONFIRMED Once the confirmation call is made the booking is ready to be used. CANCELLED If the booking is cancelled.
The settlement method of the booking, possible values are: DIRECT The payment is made in full by card direct to the supplier (will require cardPayments capability) VOUCHER The payment is collected by the reseller and the net rate will be invoiced for by the supplier later. WHOLESALE The net rate is paid up-front by card direct to the supplier (will require cardPayemnts capability) and the commission (retail - net) is collected by the reseller and as such no further payment or invoice is necessary. DEPOSIT The commission (retail - net) is collected by the reseller as a deposit and the net rate is paid by the guest when they arrive at the supplier. DEFERRED No payment is made up-front and the full amount must be paid by the guest when they arrive.
An ISO8601 date time in UTC for when this booking is due to expire if the status is ON_HOLD
An ISO8601 date time in UTC when the booking was confirmed.
The product ID for this booking
The option ID for this booking
A boolean field indicating whether this booking can be cancelled.
An object with information about why and when the booking was cancelled. This is null if the booking is not cancelled.
Whether the booking was made as freesale (without checking availability first).
Public notes on the booking.
A text value describing why the cancellation happened.
Whether the booking was refunded as part of the cancellation. Possible values are FULL, PARTIAL or NONE
An ISO8601 date time in UTC indicating when the booking was cancelled.
The availability object that was booked.
The availability id that was used in the request.
The localDateTimeStart value from the original availability object.
The localDateTimeEnd value from the original availability object.
A boolean value indicating whether the availability is all day.
The opening hours from the original availability object.
The customer contact details. These values are set in the booking confirmation step.
The full name of the guest
The email of the guest
The phone number of the guest
An array of locale values, equivalent to navigator.languages in a browsers environment.
An array of delivery methods available for this booking. Possible values are:
VOUCHER The voucher object is populated which is a single ticket for the whole booking.
TICKET The ticket object is populated on each unit item which is a ticket for each individual person.
This value will be set if deliveryMethods array has VOUCHER as one of the values.
How the voucher can be redeemed. Possible values are:
MANIFEST The guest name will be written down and they just need to show up
DIGITAL The tickets/voucher must be scanned but can be on mobile
PRINT The tickets/voucher must be printed and presented on arrival
The ISO8601 date in UTC indicating when the voucher was used at the attraction.
This is an array of delivery options for the voucher each object. You should use one of these to give the tickets to the guest.
The format for the delivery option possible values are:
QRCODE You should generate the QR Code yourself on a ticket.
PDF_URL Where you use the OCTO Cloud generated tickets as a PDF.
Depending on the value of deliveryFormat this value is either:
QRCODE This value is a string to encode in a QR Code.
PDF_URL This value is a URL linking to a ventrata generated voucher PDF.
This is an array of unit items generated when making the booking.
A unique UUID per unit item that you can use to help track it.
Your reference (as a reseller) for this unit item.
The ventrata reference for this unit item.
The unit id used for this unit item
If deliveryMethods has TICKET as one of its values this object will be set. The data structure will be identical to the voucher object.
Contact details for this particular unitItem. These values are set in the booking confirmation step.
The full name of the guest
The email of the guest
The phone number of the guest
An array of locale values, equivalent to navigator.languages in a browsers environment.
The booking object schema described above will be returned on every endpoint in this section. Only the values may change.
Booking Update
You can update a booking before and after it has been confirmed as long as it hasn't been redeemed or within the cancellation cutoff window. To know if the booking can be updated check the booking.cancellable field. If the booking can be cancelled, it can also be updated. It's generally preferred to update a booking rather than cancelling it and rebooking.
Booking Confirmation
An example of the confirmation request above looks like this:
"resellerReference": "VOUCHER-0123",
"contact": {
"fullName": "Oliver Morgan",
"emailAddress": "[email protected]",
"phoneNumber": "+447840739436",
"locales": ["en-GB", "en-US", "en"],
"country": "GB"
Optionally, if you want to provide contact details or a reseller reference for each unit item, you can confirm the booking and repeat the unit items including the contact details for each one like this:
"resellerReference": "VOUCHER-0123",
"contact": {
"fullName": "Oliver Morgan",
"emailAddress": "[email protected]",
"phoneNumber": "+447840739436",
"locales": ["en-GB", "en-US", "en"],
"country": "GB"
"unitItems": [
"resellerReference": "VOUCHER-0123-1",
"unitId": "unit_123abcadult",
"contact": {
"fullName": "Oliver Morgan"
"resellerReference": "VOUCHER-0123-2",
"unitId": "unit_123abcadult",
"contact": {
"fullName": "Alicia Smith"
"resellerReference": "VOUCHER-0123-3",
"unitId": "unit_321abc",
"contact": {
"fullName": "Tomasz Karbownicki"
Be careful to make sure you include ALL unit items that you also had in the original booking reservation request, if you provide more or less than in the booking reservation call this will change the number of unit items being purchased also.
Once the booking is confirmed, the delivery options of both the voucher and/or ticket are populated. An example of the values is shown below:
//...inside either "voucher" and/or "ticket"
"redemptionMethod": "DIGITAL",
"utcRedeemedAt": null,
"deliveryOptions": [
"deliveryFormat": "QRCODE",
"deliveryValue": "!1|zmEIG9t4f8x4qyhYcMkV8oPCQcZhgcOfKc1cJcvcl|mwhjfBi9hZlRDzAsjLkz5m|Zar+nrHcNn/CR1Gp"
"deliveryFormat": "PDF_URL",
"deliveryValue": ""
If booking.deliveryMethods contains both TICKET and VOUCHER then both those values will be set. You can then offer the guest whether they'd like their tickets per-person (booking.unitItems[].ticket) or one for the whole booking (booking.voucher). If you're unable to offer the voice then it's suggested you default to one falling back to the other if that's not available.
Booking Cancellation
Note you can only cancel a booking if booking.cancellable is true.
Extend Reservation
Get Booking
This endpoint will fetch the booking with the provided UUID from the system.
List Bookings
When using this endpoint you must include one of the following parameters:
  • resellerReference
  • supplierReference
  • localDate
  • localDateStart and localDateEnd
Then in addition you can also add productId and optionId
The results aren't paginated as the result set will never be too long because of the required filters.
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