Multi-Booking Cart

Sell more than one booking together in a cart
To use this capability add octo/cart to your Octo-Capabilities header.
This capability gives you the ability to book multiple bookings from the same supplier together in a single "cart". In Ventrata we call a "cart" an "order", and that's what it will be referred to in the rest of this document.
Booking Reservation
This capability adds the following fields to the booking response:
"orderId": "09af0a55-f87a-423e-b27d-f2e38c1c9674",
"primary": true
When using this capability if you omit the orderId from the original request Ventrata will create a new order (cart) for you behind the scenes and return the orderId in the response. You can then re-use this orderId in any future booking requests and the bookings will all get added to the same order.
Create Order
The Order object has the following fields:
The order ID. Use this for future booking reservation requests.
The status of the order. Possible values are:
ON_HOLD This is the first status when the order is created
CONFIRMED Once the order is confirmed
CANCELLED If the order is cancelled
EXPIRED If the order wasn't confirmed in time
The ISO8601 in UTC when the order will expire.
The ISO8601 in UTC when the order was confirmed.
An array of booking objects within this order
This is the guest contact information, previously this was on the booking
Retrieve Order
The meaning of each field is described above.
Extend Order
Order Confirmation
A typical request body would be:
"contact": {
"fullName": "Oliver Morgan",
"emailAddress": "[email protected]",
"phoneNumber": "+447840739436",
"locales": ["en-GB", "en-US", "en"],
"country": "GB"
If you're using the cart capability and want to set a resellerReference you should do so as a booking update as there are no reseller references on the order level.
Once you call this method, each of the bookings contained within the order will be confirmed too.
Order Cancellation
This endpoint is the same as cancelling the booking except it's on the order level.