What's the difference between Voucher and Ticket

Under each product in the mapping section we provide deliveryMethods key which is an array. Possible values are either VOUCHER or TICKET or both.

VOUCHER means the ability to have a single barcode/ticket for the whole booking, regardless of how many tickets were bought.

TICKET means the ability to have individual barcodes/ticket per person (unit).

Finally once you've confirmed the booking we provide booking.voucher if the deliveryMethods array contained VOUCHER and booking.units[].ticket if the deliveryMethods array contained TICKET. If not the value would be null.

If both are provided, whether you use the voucher or ticket is up to you/the guest depending on their preference. Some prefer to travel together, others prefer to travel independently. You can give them that choice if it's available.

All Ventrata operated products will support both delivery methods, but some attractions require having a separate barcode per person and in these situations you'll have just TICKET and not VOUCHER. Make sure to check

Do vouchers/tickets always come with both PDF and QR Code? If so which should I use?

Yes. Ventrata will always offer both PDF and QR Code delivery formats for both vouchers and tickets. If you're able to support using both the PDF and QR Code is preferred. Showing the QR Code within your interface, and the PDF if the guest chose to download their voucher. The PDF has the advantage of storing all the redemption information the guest might need.

What is the difference between booking supplierReference and barcode?

For each booking (and unit/ticket for that matter) we'll give you a QR Code value and supplierReference. The barcode in some cases is very long and contains enough data to allow it to be verified offline. You should NOT print the QR Code value in plain text, instead you should print the supplierReference below the QR Code which is always compact and human readable.

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