Test Credentials

You can easily test your integration as you progress with the help of Ventrata's EdinExplore - a fictional supplier account we've created for testing and demo purposes.

This account has all the most common product configurations, can be used for any amount of testing you need, and allows you to view products, bookings, as well as Ventrata's API logs.

Obtaining Test Credentials

You can easily register for test credentials by signing up here:


The signup form will ask for your company name, email, and password. You'll need this information to access the Booking Portal where you'll be able to check the bookings you've made, check availability, and view logs.

Once you've created your account you'll be shown a screen that looks like this:

The API endpoint and key you see on that page can be used for testing your integration with our fictional supplier EdinExplore.

Booking Portal

With the logins you've just created you can click here to login to the EdinExplore agent portal. You can get to the agent portal here:


It will look like this:

On the "Bookings" tab you'll be able to see all the bookings you've both through the reseller portal but also via the API. This should make it easier to check whether the fields you're setting are correct and if your API calls are being registered correctly.

API logs

In addition to the booking portal, we also provide a tab "API Logs" which will give you a list of all the API requests we have received from your credentials.

Clicking on one of the requests will then bring up a helpful request/response window.

Live Testing

Should you need to do any testing live with the supplier, you can make use of Octo-Env: test request header.

This header can mark any booking you perform with live credentials as a test sale in Ventrata. This will mean it will not consume any availability, the barcodes will not work, and you will not be invoiced for it. UseOcto-Env: test for test bookings and Octo-Env: live to turn it off and sell live.

Note suppliers can set your connection into test mode, which will force all of your requests to be processed Octo-Env: test. This is commonly used if the supplier prefers to additionally review your test bookings with them before allowing you to go live.

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