Getting Started

What you need to do to do your first request


First, ask the supplier for your OCTO API Key. They can find this against the reseller account they created for you. It will be a UUID value that looks like this: 5bd1629a-323e-4edb-ac9b-327ef51e6136
OCTo uses Bearer authentication which you can use to authenticate:
GET /octo/supplier HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer 5bd1629a-323e-4edb-ac9b-327ef51e6136
All communication must be sent over HTTPS
If the token is invalid or is deactivated a HTTP 403 Forbidden error will be returned.

JSON Content Type

Every POST, PATCH and DELETE request must use Content-Type: application/json header and the request body must be a JSON encoded string. Every endpoint will return JSON unless otherwise stated.