Price Adjustments

Allows you to adjust the retail rate of a booking

To use this capability add octo/adjustments to your Octo-Capabilities header.

This capability can be used to adjust the retail rate of a booking. Please note that the adjustment amount can be positive (if you'd like to increase the price) or negative (if you'd like to decrease the price).

The adjustment will be deducted or added to your commission on the booking. As such you will not be able to adjust a booking down below the amount of commission (commission = retail - net).

Booking Reservation


Adding adjustments to the booking request

Request Body




The adjustments to add to the booking

The only addition to the booking object in the request is the adjustments array which looks like this:

  // of the booking object
  "adjustments": [
      "per": "booking",
      "amount": -1500,
      "quantity": 1,
      "notes": "Customer Discount"

Note the field is an array meaning you could add multiple adjustments to the same booking.




What the adjustment is being applied to, possible values are: booking or unit


The amount of the adjustment (positive for increase, negative for discount) this is given as a currency subunit in the same currency as the booking.


The quantity of the adjustment. Useful if you wanted to multiple the adjustment value more than once.


Any notes to use to explain what this adjustment was for.

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